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Rumen Booster is a metabolic stabiliser that provides a speedy means of normalising digestive disturbances in cows, calves and sheep. Its ideal for freshly calved cows or any ruminant off feed or suffering stress. For freshly calved cows and calves. Providing a speedy means to support normalising of digestive disturbances of either a primary or secondary nature.Rumen Booster supports recovery after calving, reduces the risk of ketosis, loss of appetite and indigestion and neo-natal scours. Recovery after surgery.


Feeding rate

Feed the contents of one sachet (100g) mixed in feed twice daily for 4 days for optimum results.
If appetite is reduced give the contents of 2 sachets (200g) twice daily for 2 days.

Young Cattle – Feed as above giving half quantities in each case

Rumen Booster