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Supporting Liver Function in dairy cows, cattle and sheep

Liverpak supports:

  • The reduction of blood enzymes and supporting the increase in blood glucose levels for maximum performance.
  • Metabolism and removal of fat from the liver
  • Glucogenesis, antioxidant status and immune system
  • Rumen protected carnithine – involved in transport of fat into the liver cell, enabling its efficient oxidation.
  • Rumen protected methionine – precursor to cysteine, acts as a methyl donor, supports fat metabolism and removal in the liver. Cysteine is an important antioxidant in the liver
  • Niacin removal of ketones which reduce feed intake


Feeding Instructions:

  • Dairy Cows: Feed 60ml daily
  • Cattle: Feed 60ml daily
  • Sheep: Feed 10ml daily


Liver Pak


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