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CoseIcure Sheep is a unique, soluble glass trace element bolus for sheep, which delivers rumen-available ionic copper, ionic cobalt, iodine and selenium to the animal at a controlled and constant rate for up to eight months.


CoseIcure Sheep contains a unique form of copper called ionic copper which is active at the same pH as the rumen. Cosecure Sheep’s unique soluble glass is designed to dissolve at a controlled rate, meaning there are no peaks or troughs in supplementation.


Remove the bolus from the foil and ensure the bolus is as close to body temperature as possible at the time of administration. Sheep over 30kg: 1 bolus

For all classes of sheep over 30 kg live weight, one CoseIcure bolus may be given at any convenient time in the sheep management year. It

is particularly appropriate to give CoseIcure 2 to 3 weeks prior to tupping for cover at this critical time, through to lambing and peak lactation.

Coseicure Sheep Bolus (50)